About Us


ONE80 Multisport was formed by Samantha Harrington and Mark Pellew as an initiative in late 2018 to bring multisport athletes together, as a group, that strive to push the limits and change approach to life, by 180 degrees. The group is comprised of athletes of all levels with a shared passion of training and racing together, creating a family, social and supportive environment on a daily basis. We are family.

Our coaches are all highly qualified and we focus on the individual goals and abilities ensuring athletes get the most out of their training and the best possible results come race day.

Train efficiently, race well!

Training programs

Together with the aim above and importantly, ONE80 Multisport provides personalized multisport training programs for all its athletes. Individualised training programmes are customized to each athlete with the aim of reaching our athletes long terms goals. More information on our coaches can be found on “OUR TEAM” above. We are very fortunate to have a great deal of experience in our team, with achievements well recorded, and are able to source this wealth of knowledge for the benefit of all our athletes.