We are excited to offer our athletes TP Programs as we see benefit in offering this platform. TrainingPeaks provides the complete web, mobile and desktop solution for enabling smart and effective endurance training. TrainingPeaks solutions are used by Tour de France teams, IRONMAN® World Champions, Olympians, and age group athletes and coaches around the world to track, analyse and plan their training.


With the TrainingPeaks Workout Builder it has enabled coaches to approach their work more analytically and further customize each block of training that they write. Athletes are able to quickly digest the workouts, as well as see how each session builds towards their goals for the season. This further bolsters the suite of features TrainingPeaks provides for athletes and coaches, and helps individuals on both sides focus on the metrics that matter most, giving you exact pacing and intensities of each workout.


For information on what TrainingPeaksoffers follow this link https://www.trainingpeaks.com/athlete-features/. TrainingPeaks is also accessible on your mobile devices by downloading the free ‘APP’ and which allows you to have your personalised training on hand all the time.


You can use this link should you wish to link your current, or new TP account to our coaches in order for us to upload, manage and monitor your programs & races https://home.trainingpeaks.com/attachtocoach?sharedKey=SQCQD6ISXVSJ6


Group training sessions are important to us. It allows our coaches the visibility to personally guide and assist our athletes and provides the framework of encouragement to get through training sessions and gain better performance, whilst creating an environment of Support, Vibe and “Family”.


This Team is not about the business or the coaches, but about ‘you’ the athletes and being part of/and proud of the team you are part of. We encourage you to take part when-ever possible, details of venue and times for the group sessions are obtainable from our coaches.

–We host weekly sessions as follows:
  • Squad swim
  • –Track session
  • –Group long rides
  • –Group long runs
  • –Workshops
  • Monthly talks