Our Team


Samantha Harrington

Coach and Athlete

Samantha is a director and coach at ONE80 Multisport. After having two children, she is back training and aims to excel once again at an elite age group level whilst staying focused on her athletes and driving them to achieve their goals. She also heads up the swim squad and is present at our ONE80 training weekly group sessions.


Samantha started triathlon in 2006 when her competitive show jumping career ended and triathlon captured her interest. With over 6 years of coaching experience and 12 years racing experience, her passion lies in helping beginner to the elite age groupers achieve their goals through an understanding of the challenges of balancing work, life and training. She has completed her coaching science diploma, a level 1 TSA coaches course and continues to further her knowledge through a variety of other course offerings related to endurance sport, physiology and injury prevention.


From 2006 to date she has represented South Africa in a variety of local and international races, won SA Triathlon Championships and has had multiple podiums at Ironman events.


As an elite age grouper, Sam’s past achievements include the following:

  • Podium at 3 x IronMan events;
  • Winning 5 x IronMan 70.3 races;
  • Overall age group win two years in a row at 70.3 Phuket Triathlon;
  • Representing SA at Standard distance, 70.3 and Full IronMan World Championship events;
  • Holds a personal best IronMan time 10h17min;
  • Holds a personal best IronMan 70.3 time 4h53m;



Mark Pellew

Coach and Athelete

Mark is a director and coach at ONE80 Multisport. He remains an elite age group multiport athlete racing during the year, and whilst coaching his athletes, also joins our ONE80 training weekly group sessions.


Mark started triathlons in 2010. What appealed to him was that the sport involved more than one discipline and he felt challenged. As an amateur sportsman, he works hard to balance his role at an investment bank, his family and a gruelling training schedule, so early mornings and late nights can be a frequent occurrence. He believes that the most important attributes for a successful athlete are dedication, a love of the sport and most importantly a positive mind set, especially in a sporting event which includes three disciplines and where during races you sometimes have to open the hurt locker to cross the finish line.


Mark travels frequently and races abroad, and as such, supports the ONE80 team with his a wealth of training, travelling and racing knowledge. As an elite age grouper, Marks past achievements include the following:

  • Winning 9 x IronMan races;
  • Winning 7 x IronMan 70.3 races;
  • Achieving the World Record IronMan Age Group overall time (during 2017);
  • Holds a personal best IM time 8h34min;
  • Holds a personal best IM70.3 time 4h06m;



Johandri Leicester

Coach and Athlete

Johandri is a coach at ONE80 Multisport. Johandri races at an elite level on the global cross triathlon circuit. She heads up the Pretoria region for ONE80 training and is present at our ONE80 training weekly group sessions.


Johandri started triathlon in 2012 by competing in the Xterra Buffelspoort lite. She was instantly hooked. Leaving behind her love for field hockey, her passion now lies in pushing her times to remain competitive on the international field, while having fun and enjoying the experience in the process. Johandri has a passion for understanding the technical aspect of nutrition, training and core strengthening. During the afternoons, Johandri operates a is a freelance design and branding studio.


From 2013 to date she has represented South Africa in a variety of local and international races and has had multiple podiums across the globe.


As an elite age grouper, Johandri’s past achievements include the following:

  • Several podiums at mountain biking and trail running events
  • Top 10 Amateur ladies finish at the Xterra World Championships;
  • Represented SA at Cross Triathlon World Championship events across the world;
  • 2 x Age Group Podium finishes at Cross World Championship events



David Harrington

Coach and Athlete

David is a run specialist coach at ONE80, he started his running career at School receiving his provincial colours in Cross Country and continued to enjoy running as a total passion. He has completed a number of Half Ironman’s, two Full Ironman’s and many Running races (Half & Full marathons) in his time.

He enjoys running so much so, he pursued completing the USA Good Form Running Coaching and skills course and then contacted Bobby McGee (Ex South African marathon coach to the Barcelona Olympics and founder of the Bobby McGee Endurance Sports) to sign up and completed his coaching course in 2018. Further more I have completed Tim Noakes Personal Training & coaching diploma in 2000, as well as a fully certified paramedic for + 18 years (having a certain level of key medical knowledge). I thrive on running and continue to read and study running coaching platforms, forums and information.

My goal is similar to Bobby McGee, help build individuals of all levels to enjoy their running, by assisting in correcting their form, build their strength and ultimately improve their “Speed” to achieve their Personal Best.



Jason Wilford

Coach and Athelete

Jason is the Manager and Head Coach of ONE80 Multisport USA, Jason has recently relocated his family to North West Arkansas from South Africa. As a previous business CEO Jason has now decided to follow his passion and become a full time Triathlon and Endurance coach.

Jason comes from a strong swimming and water-polo background, who started his endurance career in his Mid 20’s as part of an extremely competitive adventure racing team. Over numerous years he recorded many wins and podiums in grueling multi day races, covering up to 250 Miles of non-stop racing.

He shifted his focus to Triathlon after his kids were born and changed gears to become more competitive in the last 6 years, Jason races all distances and has raced all over the world completing nearly 50 Half and full Ironman events. He is a certified Ironman coach and currently studying Sports Nutrition at Cornell university. “I am passionate about getting new athletes into the sport and helping competitive athletes achieve their goals”

As an Elite Olympic distance and competitive age group athlete, some of Jason past achievements include:

  • Representing South Africa at 4 World Championship events
  • Many podiums and wins especially at the Olympic distance
  • 3rd Place at a National Championship
  • 9th Place at a World Championship
  • Holds a 2.11 Olympic distance Personal best
  • Holds a 4.42 Personal Best 70.3 Time
  • Holds a 11.09 Personal Best IM Time



Mark Ewing

Coach and Athlete

Mark is head coach at ONE80 Multisport, The Netherlands. He races as a high level age-grouper on the triathlon circuit and after his move to The Netherlands, he now heads up the regional team for ONE80. Along with partners, they are in the process of creating a Wellness Platform to which the ONE80 Multisport Brand will play a significant role in the physical fitness of it clients.

Starting out in a running family, with both parents having finished the likes of Comrades and Two Oceans multiple times, it was not long until Mark got involved. With a successful school swimming and athletics background, it was not long until the bug of Triathlon bit.

Mark really found his passion for the sport in 2003 and raced the Energade Series for a number of years and stepping up to Olympic Distance did Mark then realize his potential in the sport by representing Gauteng on a number of occasions at SA Champs.

With an accredited Watt Bike Instructors certification and his Level 1 Dutch Swimming Association (KNZB) qualification, Mark has the overall experience and understanding of athlete’s needs and requirements to advance their skills and fitness to the next level of racing.

As a competitive Age-Group Athlete, some of Marks past achievements have been:

  • Holds a 57min Sprint Distance Personal Best
  • Holds a 1h58 Olympic Distance Personal Best
  • Holds a 4h49 70.3 Personal Best
  • Holds a 11h47 IM Personal Best



Robbie Gien

Coach and Athlete

Robbie has always been sporty, competing at the highest level in Martial arts as well as club Rugby, this came to a very sudden end during a Rugby game where a torn ACL took him out of sports for 9 months and that’s when he found Triathlon and competed in his first Ironman 70.3 east London in 2015 and was hooked.

He is currently racing in various distances in Triathlon and has competed internationally in Ironman 70.3 world championships in 2018 and 2019 and is currently an AG contender in triathlon and has a huge passion for motivating and driving athletes to be their best.

The enjoyment in the sport is the discipline required to get the work done, triathlon is not easy however if you put your mind to it and really put in the work, running down the “Red Carpet” is one of the single best moments of your life.

Robbie understands what it takes to be a beginner and remembers his first Ironman not knowing what to expect and end on a time of 15 hours and 1 minute, a very long day indeed. Yes, finishing was an outstanding achievement however his goal is to get like-minded athletes to the finish line better prepared and with a team backing and supporting you all the way.

His qualifications include a certification as a Wattbike Instructor and is currently studying a National Diploma in Personal Training, Sports Psychology and Life Coaching.

Sporting achievements

  • Represented SA in Ironman 70.3 World championships 2018 and 2019 and holds a Personal Best of 4h45.
  • Various AG Podiums in Olympic and Sprint races and holds a Personal Best of 2h10 for an Olympic distance.
  • Qualified for the provincial Olympic distance team many times.
  • Have raced more than 15 Ultra Distance triathlons.
  • Holds a Personal Best of 11h15 for Full Ironman.